Butterfly mistakes a 7 Up bottle for a flower

Between Darjeeling and Gangtok is a road distance of about  110 k.m.s. traversed in  three/four hours.We came upon the place where the Teesta and Rangit rivers met, in a breath taking scene from the high level of the highway.

A warm tea with a hot samosas was on offer at the lone shop run by a young woman.We took the offer of tea which was very refreshing.Amazing how the woman would unpack all her wares in that lonely place in the morning and take an equal amount of time in the evening to re-pack and carry them home. The mountain people are hard working indeed.

On the edge of the precipice, with such a breath taking view of the magnificent confluence, we saw an old man with his children laying out a narrow path of stones skirting the wall of the tea stall .They had been making the path for months to make a direct descent to the river, where the confluence is most sacred to the people of the region.

A butterfly mistook  a  7 Up  bottle for a flower.The colors can be so deceptive! Look for the picture in the carousel.

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